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In brief, for Orange County, I charge anywhere from $450 to about $1000 for residential, business, and industrial suicide cleanup. I am licensed, bonded, and insured as a biohazard cleanup practitioner. The state of California lists my license as a Trauma Scene Practitioner, #134, and I have held this license for about 17 years.

I guarantee my work and I promise to return as soon as I can upon request. In 17 years I've had two requests and returned within one day. On one occasion I returned to his suicide cleanup because I was uneasy about the outcomes.

A longer narrative follows if you care to have more information.

I provide suicide cleanup services for reasonable prices throughout Orange County. Whether residential, business or industrial settings, my suicide cleanup prices are ofteh the lowest in California if not the entire United States. How is this possible and what do my Orange County suicide cleanup services include? (Read about my definitions of a "death cleanup" explained.)


Usually when a caller for suicide cleanup information asks questions, I interrupt; otherwise, the caller is at a loss for the needed words while I patiently listen for key words and phrases. So I interrupt to save myself time and the caller time as well as emotional turmoil. Because I've been in the suicide cleanup business for 17 years, I usually have a pretty good idea of the questions to ask. I also know that callers may do their best to describe a situation they need not describe. I know they are suffering from some sort of emotional trauma even if they do not believe they are emotionally upset. Suicide upsets everybody. (return)

My Orange County suicide cleanup prices begin at $450 and rarely go as high as $1000. On occasions involving suicide by shotgun or high caliber weapons, I may need to charge as much as $1400. These occasions are rare. I really do try to keep my prices below $1000.

How I price:

I give a low price and a not-to-exceed price. For example, I may give a low price of $450 and eight not-to-exceed price of $800. In this way callers know they can expect to be at least $450 and most often not more than $800. When I give a prize or range of prices on the telephone, I expect to keep those prizes. In 17 years I change my prices upon arriving at a suicide cleanup scene twice in 17 years. So when do I change my price?

It caller from Nebraska called to arrange a cleanup of a townhouse in Anaheim. He was calling for his brother who had committed suicide and then decomposed in his bathroom after committing suicide. Because of decomposition issues the body fluids migrated to a wall and seeped into drywall and into the floor below. There, the fluids migrated along the ventilation shaft onto and below the ceiling in the first floor condo. This could not have been foreseen by the caller because he would have no knowledge or experience to suspect such an outcome. In fact, not until I had clean for some time did I realize the extent of the damage. So I was forced to call the responsible party Nebraska and explain what had happened. Even with adjustments for my cleaning price, my price was still well below the nearest bidders price by over $2500.

Costa Mesa Caller

A responsible party called for suicide cleanup and Costa Mesa. The caller owned a house in which a renter had committed suicide in the master bedroom. The suicide victim is a shotgun pointed at his head. As a result of the war biological debris, also known as biohazardous debris, soiled the bedroom wall, When a description of a suicide scene leaves out an important piece of information. I assume that callers do not really know how to describe the guessing caused by suicide. I assume they do not realize the extent of damage and some types of suicide. Suicide methods as well as suicide weapons each play a part in causing biological debris fields death scene. Still, this is why I give a not-to-exceed price. Because, with my experience, I know before hand in most cases I can do the job for the set prices.

Orange County Services

I remove soiled materials from the premises, clean areas previously soiled, and disinfect previously soiled areas.

Typically I remove soiled clothing, bedding, beds, couches, carpeting, and other materials related to his suicide cleanup soon. I remain flooring damage beyond cleaning restoration purposes. When needed I remove flooring as well as pieces of wall and ceiling. However, I try not to do damage to property. Sometimes it's unavoidable.


As noted above, I guarantee my work. This means I promise to return to the scene as soon as possible which is usually the next day if not the same day or telephone call was made. One reason it is rare that I received calls to return is that I ask you responsible party to walk through the once soiled area.

I make a point of designating an area wider than the apparent contaminated area. In this area receives a detailed claim. I then checked my work and reclaim.

Cleaning Materials

I buy most of my suicide cleanup materials from Home Depot and on occasion will by bleach from the supermarket. Although I do have specialized chemicals, I prefer not to use them for this type of work. Even when I'm HIV (human immunodeficiency) or hepatitis C blood contamination is known to be present or suspected of being present, household bleach will kill suspect viruses and bacteria. And I do use a lot of bleach.

By using products easily found at a local store, families can find the chemicals are used should they have questions. Also, because I "clean for the toddler," I do not want exotic chemicals left behind in a room or building for toddlers to somehow placing your mouse. I make every effort to remove residue and I believe that I succeeded at this task. Just the same, to someone, there's no point endangering others by adding chemicals that could somehow be toxic to residents with allergies or other issues with exotic chemicals."

In general, my cleaning list is as follows:

  1. Household bleach
  2. Simple Green
  3. Pine-Sol

As an Orange County biohazard cleanup practitioner, I'm called by Orange County families to clean after suicides, unattended deaths, homicides, and traumatic accidents. I also do a variety of cleaning for infectious waste issues.

I own many blood cleanup related websites for Orange County in the state of California. For example, if you do a suicide cleanup search for the city of Tustin, you will find one of my other websites, possibly my Eddie Evans biohazard cleanup website where I also have a list of Orange County suicide cleanup pages.

As a side note, I do not come to suicide cleanup as a completely naïve person in the matter suicide. It happens that I majored in sociology and started suicide to learn social logical methods as they were developed toward the end of the 19 century by Emile Durkheim. Ironically, my best friend at the time I lost his mother to suicide years before as a teenager and this information help to motivate my interest in the subject.

Unfortunately for my friend and his brother, they were tasked with doing the suicide cleanup with her mother in the family garage. Their mother had used a handgun on her head. The boys were traumatized and my friend remained visibly short body experience even years later. His brother to had suffered mightily from the experience.

In their case, they were walking toward their home following a day at school when they heard which, like a handgun or a big "pop." Entered their home and called for their mother and she was not present. Both boys walked into the garage and naturally found her mother slumped in a corner. They were horrified by what they found in the cleaning added to their trauma. My friend, Mark, brought the matter up with the suicide cleanup a number of times during our college days. The. As it turned out for Mark and went on in life became a grade school teacher and then a counselor for great schools. As for his brother I do not know his future. I enjoyed the company of both of these men during my college days.

Questions I sometimes Ask to help callers give useful information. Is not usual for a caller meeting suicide cleanup services to ramble and give inaccurate information. I would be surprised to find a caller who actually gave me pertinent information without some sort of lapse of memory or disconnect in their mind. It is expected. So I find these questions you sold myself, although I do not ask all of them so I find that I will be traveling hours, Orange County residents or businesses.


  • In what city did this event take place?
  • Can you tell me if this event took place in a house, condominium, apartment, mobile home, or elsewhere?
  • Can you tell me what room or rooms will need service for suicide cleanup?
  • Can you tell me if any of the following are involved: bed, floor, walls, ceiling.
  • Can you tell me about parking; is parking nearby?
  • Who will be responsible party, the person responsible for ensuring that I can get into the building and received payment window?
  • Will others be present in the building during cleaning?
  • Will pets be in the building during cleaning?

Death Cleanup Explained

Death cleanup is not typical "cleaning." It is labor-intensive, requires repeated cleaning, and requires an ability to persevere under extremely unfavorable conditions. Death cleanup requires that the cleaning practitioner confront horrific conditions.

Imagination, forethought and planning play a part in reducing time and materials required for a death cleanup resulting from violent suicides.

Unforseen Issues

  1. Blood and other fluids migrate across nonporous surfaces like lanolium floors. When first arriving at a death scene, avenues of blood migration are not always apparent until cleaning has progressed. In some rare instances blood will have made its way from a second floor to a first floor ceiling, for instance. It may have dripped from the first floor ceiling into the room below, like a bedroom.
  2. Another rare instance occurs when blood migrates upon a floor, reaches a wall or crack in a layer of linoleum covering a previously layed, older linoleum floor covering. As such, the blood becomes sandwiched between the two layers of linoleum and may remain moist for weeks. The stench is quite strong and this blood cleanup issue can go unseen, unnoticed as work progresses.
  3. A suicide by high-caliber projectile or projectiles as found in the blast of a shotgun will cause widespread biological debris. At the time of death, for example, if the suicide victim is anywhere near a rotating ceiling fan, the debris field can be what we call "360 top to bottom." This means that the biological debris has contaminated the walls, floor and ceiling, and even materials in a closet when the closet door has been left open. As well, adjoining rooms that may include hallways and restrooms may have been contaminated.

Therefore, it is conceivable and possible that unforeseen suicide cleanup issues can arise. These issues need to be pointed out soon by the suicide cleanup practitioner early in the cleaning process, or as soon as possible.

Overall, and experienced suicide cleanup practitioner will have an idea of what can occur and the work needed. This why I ask questions about the death scene. I always realize that the caller does not undeerstand the nature of death cleanup; still, it is good to be prepared before arriving at the scene.


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What is a death cleanup? What is a death cleanup? - - (Suicide cleanup is often associated with crime scene cleanup.)

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